New Album Release on the way!

We have previously  released an EP and a LP cd with a  Nashville producer. Though we are proud of the works they represent, our sound and style have matured with each song we have written and performed. 

Our latest Cd, "Bits and Pieces" will be released early March. We have written and produced every song on the Cd. We have used top notch Nashville country music veterans to perform with us and are proud of every audio track that has been laid down. Not only does the CD represent Bits and Pieces of our past and day to day lives, it also contains Bits and Pieces of our heart and soul.   

Yes we still perform biting edge, humous songs, but they are representative of modern life. We also give you a glimspe into the heartbreak and sorrow that has touched us and the lives of many people just like you and me. We have been invited to Songwriter Festivals in Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, where our music has been well received. 

We hope that will " Embrace Your Geezerdom" and let us submit our new music to you. 


William Lake 

The W in W.B. and The Geezers

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